Young talent is the heartbeat of entrepreneurship

Young talent is the heartbeat of entrepreneurship

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Steven Adegboye about one of my favourite subjects: entrepreneurship and young talent. We also got into my 20 years+ as a business owner, and the thought leaders impacting the way I think about business. 

Steven and I first met when he volunteered for our programme connecting industry and college students to develop both employability skills and a talent pipeline. His Colchour podcast is similarly about doing things differently, and it is fantastic to see Steven investing his talent and time into a resource that moves many important conversations forward.

His guests are not the usual suspects. It’s interesting people having an interesting conversation, often with a different point of view. I was honoured to be amongst them.

Steven is an excellent host and kept the conversation moving, so we managed to cover quite a bit!

  • This misconception of failure
  • Discovering what you love about what you do
  • The value of young people working with startups
  • The value of attention in Marketing 
  • What it means to have digital engagement
  • Tips for networking with other people in today’s digital world
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Are entrepreneurs born or made "chasing the dragon”...
  • Finding your purpose

You can listen to our chat here:

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