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A curriculum based on what the real world actually wants

A multi channel marketing apprentice might be just what a business needs – but poor-quality training and a lack of expert input can leave apprentices floundering and businesses struggling to get a return from the investment.

At Working Knowledge, we understand the pressure this can put on managers and apprentices alike. That’s why, in contrast to many providers, we deliver a nose-to-tail training programme that produces engaged, enthusiastic and empowered digital marketers and delivers great results for the business too.

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Typically, Working Knowledge apprentices are aged 23 and more than 60% are educated to degree level.

How do you know a
level 3 multi channel marketing apprentice
will get the right training?

Every manager and apprentice is entitled to be concerned about the quality of the training on offer, especially as some programmes are devised with little to no first-hand knowledge of the realities of the marketing world. It’s not like that at Working Knowledge. Our programme is designed by experienced marketing practitioners who deliver real-world, practical marketing training that gets tangible results.

Jules Mittra, Founding Director, In & Beyond Bath

"There's a real gravitas to the course. There's rationale behind it, there’s depth - it’s really well considered. SEO, email marketing, social media, website, databases - there's a huge amount compacted into just 12 months’ learning."

Jules Mittra, founder, In & Beyond Bath

How we train our apprentices

Our apprenticeship programme runs across 17 months and is broken down into bite-sized subject-specific modules throughout.

The running order has been specifically arranged to ensure learners pick up key foundational marketing skills early on which improve their learning experience as they progress. Training is delivered in a variety of different formats –

  • Monthly masterclasses – interactive training delivered by subject matter experts where apprentices will take part in group activities before being set a practical assignment to complete (usually within 4 weeks).
  • Feedback surgeries – these sessions provide the opportunity for apprentices to access expert feedback on assignments from professional marketers who will assess their work in the context of their business goals and make suggestions for improvements where relevant.
  • Specialist live webinars – marketing is changing so fast and it’s hard to keep up. That is why we have developed a growing catalogue of specialist webinars that enable your marketer to benefit from the insights of expert marketers to help them understand which marketing techniques and tools they should focus on.
  • Community support – have a nagging question? Something not working with an aspect of your marketing? Apprentices have access to an online community of fellow learners as well as Working Knowledge expert trainers and coaches all ready to chime in with tips, advice and resources at every turn. It’s like having a whole marketing department on tap to support you.

Our apprenticeship programme is aligned to the Multi-channel Marketer apprenticeship Level 3 Qualification and you could be eligible for Government funding to cover the majority of the costs. You can find out more about fees and funding here.

The pathway to Multi Channel Marketing excellence
– our curriculum at a glance

Introduction to Apprenticeship

Getting started

  • Get to know your coach and your peer-apprentices
  • Overview of your apprenticeship

Customer Focus including Marketing foundations

How to identify the right customer base

  •  Marketing foundations
  • Introduction to branding
  • Researching your audience

Clarify your message and build your marketing confidence

How to communicate effectively

  • Developing an effective peer group
  • Transactional vs relational relationships
  • Customer and product lifecycles
  • Introduction to StoryBrand, Business Made Simple and Proposals Made Simple

Understanding People as Customers and Clients

How to speak to customers so they want to buy from you

  • Headlines (grabbing attention)
  • Behavioural economics
  • BrandScript and one-liner

Data and

How to measure your marketing

  • The importance of data, how marketers use it
  • Google Analytics
  • How to track and report data

Social Media

How to build visibility online

  • Understanding key social media platforms
  • Reputation management
  • Social media analytics and measurement


How to get the most from your website

  • Main types of websites and their characteristics
  • Key content components of a website
  • Generating traffic to a website
  • Setting up your landing page to convert interest to sales

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

How to improve your search ranking

  • Introduction to SEO
  • SEO trends and updates
  • How search engines work and have to have an impact


How to generate interest in your business

  • Purpose of lead generators
  • Understand different types of lead generators
  • Identify the right lead generators for your business


Keep prospects engaged until they are ready to buy

  • Sales and nurture campaigns
  • Positioning your organisation as the authority
  • Crafting effective subject lines and emails that work

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Managing your contacts and customer data to your advantage

  • Understanding the basics of CRM
  • Learning how to implement a CRM strategy
  • Gaining knowledge about customer data management


How to get a great return on advertising

  • How to launch a paid advertising campaign
  • How to reach the right audience
  • Optimising digital advertising

Principles of Marketing

Self-study workbooks help to build confidence in apprentices’ understanding of the marketing function.

  • Understanding the business environment
  • Strategy and segmentation explained
  • Copywriting and etiquette
  • Social media and branding
  • Paid search

Preparing for assessment success

In months 13 and 14, apprentices continue to research and test marketing tools and platforms. They also undergo additional guided learning as well as portfolio planning for their assessment. From months 15-17 we allow apprentices up to three months to complete and submit their end-point assessment.

This is a non-exhaustive list of our marketing apprenticeship programme.


Throughout the apprenticeship, you'll watch webinars presented by industry experts

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Videography 101
  • How to land Marketing Plans
  • Copywriting and Proofreading 101
  • Importance of Competitor analysis
  • Graphic design 101

Working Knowledge has an excellent track record of training award-winning apprentices – the 2022 and 2023 BCS marketing Apprentice Of The Year winners were recruited and trained by Working Knowledge


Every apprentice is assigned a dedicated coach, who is a practising marketing expert.
They will provide holistic support not just for apprentices, but for employers too to help learners and their businesses get the most from each module.


One of the reasons Working Knowledge apprentices are such high achievers is because of the additional support we provide for managers and business owners too. Find out how we support managers to lead their Marketing , even if they have no prior marketing experience, to maximise positive results for you.

Ready to meet some of our apprentices?

Will Davy

marketing Executive,
In & Beyond Bath

"You’re dealing with trainers and coaches who are in the industry itself, so you feel confident that the information you’re getting is good. There’s a lot of information online, but actually speaking to someone, being able to ask them questions – is the next level."

Tammy Devonald

Head of Creative Operations,
Ovation Finance

"Once we’d done the dashboards, I really got into the data behind the figures and then started seeing where we should focus going forward. As the knowledge built, I could take ownership and say: ‘This is what we’re doing.’ That was an awesome turn."

Sophie Pontoppidan

marketing Executive,
Alexander Daniels Global

“After the masterclasses, we're always inspired and well-aligned on the direction we want to take the business, through marketing ; and that seems to replicate itself month after month as the course broadens my knowledge.”

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Recruit your apprentice with confidence

Step 1: Schedule Your Call

Discover how our unique approach makes hiring and supporting the right high-achieving apprentice for your business easy.

Step 2: Recruit Your Dream Hire

Trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our talent hunters will advertise, screen and assess your candidates, and then present the top 3-4 to you in a facilitated half-day assessment centre. The process is super-efficient with your time while giving you the peace of mind you’ll have the highest calibre candidates put forward to find the best cultural fit.

Step 3: Boost Your Business Growth

Watch your apprentice thrive and your marketing capabilities improve so your business can flourish, with expert support and clear, measurable results that bring your goals within reach.

7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Apprentice

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Frequently asked questions

Unlike some apprenticeship programmes that follow an off-the-shelf process, we work with your real-life marketing/business strategies and help you assess what’s working and what isn’t. Marketing apprenticeships are often delivered as a set of unconnected tools – our apprentices are provided with a much broader understanding of marketing and therefore are better able to deliver marketing that works. The course is carefully designed and evolves to meet the changing requirements of the modern marketing world.

Download 7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Marketing Apprentice


Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf training programme

There’s no need to make do with a limited training programme for your marketing apprentices. At Working Knowledge, we structure our dynamic curriculum around what’s best for your business. Want to know more about it? Schedule a call today and find out how our team of experts, coupled with our first-class training programme, could put your next marketing director in your office.