Upskill your staff – for your team

upskill your staff- bespoke marketing training for your team

Build the marketing know-how your need into your team with our
unique apprenticeship programme

Help from the experts

Training and coaching delivered by real-world marketing consultants

Training taken care of

Supervision and performance tracking to monitor progress of your apprentice

Support network

Take the next step with help from
like-minded peers

Get access to professional training for minimal outlay

In every business, there’s a never-ending stream of marketing work and never enough hands on deck to tackle it.

But knowing how much difference it could make to the business if you could just get more done is frustrating – especially when there are people around you who could pitch in if they had the skills!

Here’s the thing.

You don’t have to try and train your team by yourself. You could have a network of talented professionals ready to guide your team to become the skilled digital marketers you desperately need.

And the best part?

It comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional professional training.

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marketing Apprentice Bristol Tammy Devonald

As the knowledge built, I could take ownership and say, ‘This is what we’re doing.’ That was an awesome turn. I really got into the data behind the figures and then started seeing where we should focus going forward

Tammy Devonald, Ovation Finance

Help your business grow as your ambitious team members are fully supported

At Working Knowledge, our marketing apprenticeship programme comes with a comprehensive system of robust support to ensure your staff have everything they need to thrive in a marketing role. After all, not every business has the time or headspace to stay on top of the many different facets of marketing .

Your employees will benefit from:

Professional Coaching

No more feeling lost or overwhelmed. Each apprentice gets regular one-on-one sessions with a professional marketing coach. Review practical tasks, brainstorm ideas, resolve challenges, and keep the learning journey on track.


Mental well-being matters as much as professional growth. Our dedicated wellbeing mentors are here to ensure a balanced and healthy apprenticeship experience, providing emotional support and advice when it’s most required.

Peer Support on a dedicated app

Our dedicated Mighty Networks app facilitates communication with trainers and peers, fosters idea-sharing, and gives apprentices a platform to seek advice. This 24/7 peer support community is a go-to source for inspiration, troubleshooting and camaraderie.

Monthly Live 'Surgery' Sessions

Engaging expert-led sessions to review marketing assignments and provide constructive feedback. Gain insights into how peers are tackling challenges and find opportunities to improve marketing practices. This is essentially a free marketing consultancy for apprentices.

Weekly Expert

Learning never stops with our weekly expert marketing webinars. Hear from trainers, coaches, peers and guest specialists who are leading voices in their field. Plus, with access to a rich catalogue of recorded webinars, marketing solutions are never more than a few clicks away.

Business Made Simple learning platform

Access this innovative learning platform with a suite of videos covering marketing messaging, sales funnels, business planning, communication, negotiation and much more. This resource aligns with StoryBrand framework and provides outstanding holistic training.

Empowering your staff through inclusive learning

At Working Knowledge, diversity isn't just a buzzword – it's at the heart of our ethos. Our dedication goes deeper than just skill-building. Alongside access to a mental health and well-being champion, our trainers and coaches are adept at supporting neuro-divergent learners. We offer a broad range of learning resources tailored to every learning style, ensuring every apprentice can truly grasp and utilise their newfound skills.

What does it take to be a Working Knowledge Apprentice?

There is no blueprint for what an apprentice looks like. They may already work for the business in a very different role or even be a new graduate intern.

They will need GCSE Grade C or Level 4 and above in both Maths and English.

Typically, our apprentices are age 23y+ and 40% are degree-educated but anyone over 18y living or working in England could apply.

There is no upper age limit and our oldest apprentice was 53!

Most importantly though, our programme is best suited for apprentices who are ambitious, have a passion for learning and are 100% committed to achieving success.

Our marketing Programme has been mapped to a Level 3 Multi-Channel Marketer Apprenticeship.

This ensures the government funds £10,450 (95%) of the certified training costs while you pay £550 (5%) as a one-off fee at the outset. Find out the full lowdown on fees and funding here.

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Our apprentices have a 96% pass rate through end-point assessment

60% of our apprentices achieve a Distinction grade.

92% of graduates remain in a marketing role


Meet The Trainers and Coaches


With Working Knowledge, neither you nor your apprentice are in this alone. You’ll have experienced marketing professionals and dedicated coaches there to support you both. From understanding the StoryBrand framework to the finer points that make marketing tactics work, they know how to help you succeed and will guide you every step of the way. Our coaches and trainers bring their real-world experience to the table and don’t just teach theory, they share tried and tested strategies to support your business success.


Upskill your dedicated workforce today with expert support every step of the way


Step 1: Discuss your ambitions

Meet with a member of our team and tell us more about your goals. We’ll explain in detail the programme your team member would go through and the results you can expect from that.


Step 2: Register your place

We’ll help you complete the paperwork and get your apprentice registered for the next available cohort that is convenient for you.


Step 3: Start the apprenticeship

Watch your team member progress through our 17-month programme with the full support of the Working Knowledge team every step of the way. They’ll have a dedicated marketing practitioner lighting the way through every module and specialist marketing experts delivering practical training that can be put into practice in your business straight away.

Working Knowledge

We even take the pain out of your application paperwork

We know just the thought of tackling confusing funding applications can be enough to turn many busy business owners off considering apprenticeships altogether – and when there’s so many advantages to be had to having an apprentice on your team, we certainly don’t want that getting in your way. We appoint a dedicated member of our team to pre-fill your paperwork and then guide you through every clause, so you just sign on the dotted line.

We have an excellent track record of training award-winning apprentices – the 2022 and 2023 BCS National marketing Apprentices Of The Year came through Working Knowledge.

Ready to meet some of our apprentices?

Rabiya aurfan

Rabiya Aurfan

marketing Executive
PEP Talks

“After my first Masterclass, I set up Google Analytics, added all the tracking to the website and presented it in the team meeting. I loved it.

You feel like you’re properly adding value. I’ve proven that I’m worth being here.”

Jaz barrington

Jaz Barrington

Marketing & Operations Assistant,
SMASH IT! Training

“Before I would be doing things like running the email campaigns, and I would always be thinking, ‘Is this right? I don’t know if this is right.’ Like I was just going out on a limb, just guessing what I’m doing. The apprenticeship gives you that framework to work from, so you know that everything you’re doing is actually right and you’re not just guessing.”

Will Davy, marketing  apprentice

William Davy

Content Creator & Digital Marketer,
In & Beyond Bath

“Before the Working Knowledge Academy, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to level that up or what I was doing wrong. And now I do. I know what I’m talking about now and it feels very comfortable. I’m coming at it with confidence. And that was probably the biggest moment for me, where I realised, ‘Okay, you know what you’re doing’.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Many have a picture of an apprentice as a school leaver, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be anyone. Any age. Any level of experience. Many of our apprentices were already working with their employer before they started. Our youngest is 18 and the oldest is 53. It could be someone on the shop floor who wants to change careers or someone in administration that you want to hang on to by investing in their skills. The only stipulation is that they don’t have much formal marketing training as that can affect the funding structure. You can read more about fees and funding here.

Can you afford not to upskill your team?

Enthusiastic team members deserve the chance to enhance their skills and prove themselves to be even more of an asset. Don’t risk watching them go elsewhere and making a big success of their career because you didn’t look into what training opportunities are out there. Schedule a call with Working Knowledge today and discover how easy it can be to upskill your team.