Tailored Support to get the most from Your

Tailored Support to get the most from your digital marketing apprentice

You’ll receive a raft of specialist support to ensure your apprenticeship success

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Marketing guidance

Monthly coaching with seasoned marketers

Community Networking

Get connected with other like-minded organisations

Leadership development

Learn to lead your Digital Marketing

Employing a Digital Marketing apprentice shouldn’t feel like hard work

Never taken on an apprentice before? Not a marketer yourself? Wondering where you’ll find the time to track their progress and support their learning?

When you’re so busy running a business or department the thought of managing a new recruit can be overwhelming.

That’s why we make this simple for you – by providing employers with a network of dedicated marketing professionals and peers ready to support you and your apprentice every step of the way. It’s like having your own virtual marketing department.

Download 7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Marketing Apprentice


Increase Your Marketing Capacity Without The Stress  We Provide Tailored Support For Employers Too

At Working Knowledge, we know the most successful apprenticeships are those where both the apprentice and the employer or line manager are well supported throughout.

So, once you have selected who your Digital Marketing apprentice will be, either through our recruitment service or by investing in an existing employee, we are here to help.

It’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive system of support that looks after you and your marketing strategy, so you never feel like you’re trying to muddle through this on your own, even if you have little Digital Marketing experience.

What you can expect:

Accountability with monthly appraisals

No need to wonder if you’re getting a good return on your investment. Join your apprentice for monthly one-on-one sessions with a professional marketing coach where you’ll be able to review their work, brainstorm ideas, resolve challenges, set KPIs and ensure your apprentice stays on track. It’s a performance appraisal process designed and delivered for you.

Assistance with your admin

Your organisation benefiting from £10,450 of Government funding does give you some obligations. We lighten the load by guiding you through every step, including completing the signup paperwork for you. Your coach will give you guidance throughout the 17-month programme so you are not left guessing what is expected of you.


Access to a thriving Marketing community

You're not alone in this journey. You can email your assigned marketing coach at any time and your apprentice will have access to a networking app to communicate with coaches, trainers and peers. The 24/7 app is used for idea-sharing, seeking advice and inspiration and troubleshooting all of your planned marketing activity.  It's a professional network of marketing support.


You are invited to attend monthly one-hour peer workshops led by a certified business coach and marketing professionals. You’ll learn how to set and lead your marketing strategy and get a full understanding of the work your apprentice will be tasked with so you can maximise your return from each month’s module.

Weekly Expert

Your apprentice attends our weekly marketing webinars. These are very pragmatic sessions to help solve your marketing dilemmas and to forecast new trends in marketing. Plus, with access to a rich catalogue of recorded webinars, you and your apprentice will always have marketing solutions at your fingertips.

Business Made Simple learning platform

We purchase a 12-month licence for your apprentice to access Business Made Simple University.  This innovative learning platform aligns with the StoryBrand framework and provides outstanding holistic video training covering marketing messaging, sales funnels, business planning, communication, negotiation, leadership development and much more.


"One of my fears was that we're a busy small team, and I'm not an expert in marketing - so I was worried about how I'd manage and develop someone, how I'd keep them busy.
But with Working Knowledge, they have a coach and specialist trainers who provide that learning and development support as experts."

Nick Pearce, CEO, Alexander Daniels Global

Meet The Trainers and Coaches

At Working Knowledge, neither you nor your apprentice will ever feel like you’re navigating this apprenticeship on your own.

You’ll have experienced marketing professionals and dedicated coaches there to support you both.

From the fundamentals of the StoryBrand framework to the finer points that make digital marketing activities work, they know the ins and outs of what it takes to succeed and will be happy to advise you along the way.

  • Our coaches and trainers bring their real-world experience to the table
  • We help you tackle the marketing challenges you'll face in your own business
  • We don’t just teach theory, we share tried-and-tested strategies that have brought success, and lessons learned from failures.
  • We'll guide and support you and your apprentice every step of the way

We have an excellent track record of training award-winning apprentices – both the 2023 & 2022 winners of the BCS National Digital Marketing Apprentice Of The Year were recruited and trained by Working Knowledge.

Working knowledge Digital Marketing apprentiship

Recruit your apprentice with expert support every step of the way


Step 1: Schedule Your Call

Discover how our unique approach makes hiring and supporting the right high-achieving apprentice for your business easy.

Step 2: Recruit Your Dream Hire

Trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our talent hunters will advertise, screen and assess your candidates, and then present the top 3-4 to you in a facilitated half-day assessment centre. The process is super-efficient with your time while giving you the peace of mind you’ll have the highest calibre candidates put forward to find the best cultural fit.

Step 3: Boost Your Business Growth

Watch your apprentice thrive and your marketing capabilities improve so your business can flourish, with expert support and clear, measurable results that bring your goals within reach.

Ready to meet some of our apprentices?

Rabiya aurfan

Rabiya Aurfan

Digital Marketing Executive,
Pep Talks 

“After my first Masterclass I set up Google Analytics, added all the tracking to the website and presented it in the team meeting. I loved it. You feel like you’re properly adding value. I’ve proven that I’m worth being here.”

Jaz barrington

Jaz Barrington

Marketing & Operations Assistant,
SMASH IT! Training

“I would be doing things like running the email campaigns, and I would always be thinking, ‘Is this right? I don’t know if this is right.’ Like I was just going out on a limb, just guessing what I’m doing. The apprenticeship gives you that framework to work from, so you know that everything you’re doing is actually right and you’re not just guessing.”

Will Davy, digital marketing apprentice

William Davy

Content Creator & Digital Marketer,
In & Beyond Bath

“Before the Academy, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to level that up or what I was doing wrong. And now I do. I know what I’m talking about now and it feels very comfortable. I’m coming at it with confidence. And that was probably my biggest moment, where I realised, ‘Okay, you know what you’re doing’.”


Explore our comprehensive digital marketing curriculum and expert support package for you and your apprentice. Find out what makes our programme the gold standard of apprenticeship training and why apprentices from our programme won both the 2023 & 2022 BCS National Digital Marketing Apprentice of the Year.


Government apprenticeship funding can seem complex, but it's a golden opportunity that shouldn't be missed. Here we demystify the process, helping you to unlock funds that can be game-changing for your business. We break down the funding available and the fees you’ll need to pay.

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7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Apprentice

Hiring a junior marketer can seem like a daunting task, especially when you're unsure of what to look for. That's why we've crafted a comprehensive FREE guide just for you. '7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Apprentice' is your roadmap to navigating the hiring process with ease and confidence. This guide is packed with proven strategies and insider tips to help you pinpoint talent, assess skills, and make an informed decision. Don't gamble with your next hire - download your free guide today and secure the perfect junior marketer for your team.

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