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Say goodbye to confusing marketing - simplify your message with storyBrand

We integrate this proven messaging framework into our apprenticeships so you get more from your marketing

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Marketing shouldn’t feel like a wasted effort

Every ounce of effort ploughed into marketing is potentially fruitless without a clear, engaging message that your customers will understand.

You might have a stellar product or service, but somehow the message just won’t stick. And that’s frustrating.

At Working Knowledge we embed the StoryBrand framework throughout our curriculum to make sure your apprentice understands your customers' journey and how to tell your brand's story effectively.

Seamus Whittingham, Ai Build

"Storybrand has been a significant part of our plans to ensure that our brand strategy aligns with the brand integrity and brand values. That's now evident when we speak to clients and partners - they understand what we are about as a brand. Ai Build is visible and it has a brand identity. When we go to an event, people understand us not just for what we do and what we sell, but also what we represent."

Seamus Whittingham, Chief Revenue Officer, Ai Build


The StoryBrand Advantage -
Exclusively at Working Knowledge

At Working Knowledge, we don't just teach marketing. We instil a tried and tested methodology that transforms the way your marketing team thinks about your brand's narrative.

We're the first and only apprenticeship academy in the UK to incorporate the StoryBrand framework into an apprenticeship programme and grant every apprentice access to its accompanying and much-lauded learning platform Business Made Simple.



Learn the proven StoryBrand framework that will reshape the way your team conducts marketing.


Full access granted to the Business Made Simple platform, broadening apprentices’ knowledge base and skill set.


Training in the StoryBrand framework delivered by our team of certified StoryBrand Guides and Business Made Simple coaches.

StoryBrand Transforms Business Communication

Since the beginning of time our brains have used story as a sensemaking device to process information. The StoryBrand framework distils the best practice of storytelling into a simple formula that you can see present in all great books, and movies, like Star Wars, The Bourne Identity, and The Hunger Games. Here’s how it works:

  • A character steps into the story (your customer).
  • They have a problem (that they need help solving).
  • They meet a guide (that’s your business/product/service).
  • Their guide gives them a simple plan (of how to solve their problem).
  • That plan calls them to action (to buy your problem-solving product/service).
  • That results in success!

But if your customer does not buy from you, the problem remains, which leads to failure for your customer (which looks different depending on your customer’s original needs).

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This simple seven-part proven framework cuts through the noise to connect with customers more effectively by shifting the focus of what you say away from the business itself to how the business actually helps the customer.

The results?

Higher engagement, improved conversions and a better return on your marketing investment.

At Working Knowledge, our trainers will help your apprentice embed StoryBrand's proven tactics into your marketing strategy.


Explore our extensive digital marketing curriculum and expert support package for you and your apprentice. Find out what makes our programme the gold standard of apprenticeship training and how the 2023 & 2022 winners of the BCS National Digital Marketing Apprentice Of The Year came through the unique Working Knowledge programme.


One of the reasons Working Knowledge apprentices are such high achievers is because of the additional support we provide for managers and business owners too. Find out how we support managers to lead their Digital Marketing, even if they have no prior marketing experience, to maximise positive results for you.

7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Apprentice

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Recruit your apprentice with confidence

Step 1: Schedule A Call

Discover how our unique approach makes hiring and supporting the right high-achieving apprentice for your business easy.

Step 2: We’ll Handle the Recruitment Process

Sit back, relax, and watch us bring the most suitable candidates to you – no more sifting through dozens of CVs. We’ll find the candidates most suited to your business needs and culture.

Step 3: Select Your Ideal Apprentice

Watch your apprentice thrive and your marketing capabilities improve so your business can flourish, with expert support and clear, measurable results that bring your goals within reach.


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Imagine your marketing team equipped not only with practical skills but with a game-changing methodology that revolutionises your brand's story so customers listen.

That's how the StoryBrand framework can help. Don't let your marketing potential lie untapped.

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