- Tailored Support Throughout Your marketing Apprenticeship

Unlock your potential - Tailored Support Throughout Your marketing Apprenticeship

You’ll receive a raft of specialist support to ensure your apprenticeship success

Expert Guidance

Real marketing consultants as your trainers & coach

Community Support

Brainstorm, challenge and share with like-minded peers

Continuous Learning

Webinars, training, and resources at your fingertips

With Working Knowledge, you're never alone on your apprenticeship journey

Worried about navigating your apprenticeship on your own?

Unsure of who to ask for advice, how to manage challenges, or where to seek inspiration? It might feel overwhelming to tackle learning, master practical tasks and manage your working role simultaneously,

But what if you had a network of dedicated professionals and peers ready to help every step of the way?

Launching Your Marketing Career With
Designed For You

At Working Knowledge, we’ve designed a comprehensive system of robust support to ensure you have everything you need to not just survive, but thrive in your marketing role.

What you can expect:

One-to-One Professional Coaching

No more feeling lost or overwhelmed. Each apprentice gets regular one-on-one sessions with a professional marketing coach. Review practical tasks, brainstorm ideas, resolve challenges, and keep your learning journey on track.


Your mental wellbeing matters as much as your professional growth. Our dedicated wellbeing mentors are here to ensure a balanced and healthy apprenticeship experience, connecting you with support, resources and advice when you need it most.

Peer Support on a dedicated app

You're not alone in this journey. Our dedicated Mighty Networks app facilitates communication with trainers and peers, fosters idea-sharing, and gives you a platform to seek advice. This 24/7 peer support community is your go-to source for inspiration, troubleshooting, and camaraderie.

Monthly Live Masterclass & 'Surgery' Sessions

Engaging expert-led sessions to set & review your marketing assignments and provide actionable feedback. Each month covers a different topic and each module builds on the next. We DO NOT use case studies…so for ALL assignments you will be doing marketing for your employer and getting real-time support as you go. It's like having a free marketing consultancy at your disposal!

Weekly Expert

Learning never stops with our weekly expert marketing webinars. Hear from trainers, coaches, peers and guest specialists who are leading voices in their field. Plus, with access to a rich catalogue of recorded webinars, you'll always have marketing solutions at your fingertips.

Business Made Simple learning platform

Access this innovative learning platform with a suite of videos covering marketing messaging, sales funnels, business planning, communication, negotiation and much more. This resource aligns with StoryBrand framework, and provides outstanding holistic training.

Championing an inclusive approach to learning

At Working Knowledge, we believe in the power of diversity and the magic it can bring to a workplace.

Our support extends beyond equipping you with professional skills. In addition to learners having access to a mental health and well-being ambassador, trainers and coaches understand how to effectively support neuro-divergent learners.

We provide a diverse array of learning materials to suit all learning styles and make adaptations to ensure every apprentice can absorb, understand, and apply their new skills effectively.


"The fact that you get a one-to-one coach who supports you throughout the course is fantastic. I’ve been able to understand where my strengths are, what I need to improve and how I can implement the improvements to get to that higher level in my work."

Sophie Pontopiddan, Alexander Daniels Global

Meet Your Trainers and Coaches

working knowledge team

At Working Knowledge, we make sure you never feel like you’re navigating your apprenticeship on your own.

Our team of experienced marketing professionals and dedicated coaches are there as your support system, mentors, and cheerleaders all rolled into one.

They've walked the path you're about to tread, have learned from their mistakes, celebrated their victories, and turned their experiences into a wealth of knowledge they're eager to share with you.

From the fundamentals of the StoryBrand framework to the finer points of marketing strategies, they know the ins and outs of what it takes to succeed.

  • Our coaches and trainers bring their real-world experience to the table
  • We help you tackle the challenges you'll face in your own role
  • We don’t just teach theory, we share tried-and-tested strategies that have brought success, and lessons learned from failures.
  • We are all marketing consultants ‘doing’ marketing for our own clients every day. We don’t just ‘talk' marketing we ‘do’ it!

We’ll guide you, support you, and cheer you on every step of the way.

We have an excellent track record of training award-winning apprentices – both the winners and finalists of 2022 and 2023 BCS National marketing Apprentices Of The Year came through Working Knowledge.

Ready to meet some of our apprentices?


Martin Atherton


"What you’re doing is immediately applicable to your work. It was taking this real-life scenario within your job, learning on it each month through the trainers and coaches, then coming back to your job and applying your learning immediately. Having that immediate feedback of how it can impact the business was so important for me."

Jaz Barrington

SMASH IT! Training

"I love it. Having that network of people who you can discuss ideas with is so helpful. Sometimes when my team is busy it’s just me coming up with ideas. When I have everyone from my cohort to ask questions to – it’s so helpful."

Jono Hutchins, marketing Apprentice London Accountancy

Jono Hutchins

"[The Academy] was just so much more support than what anything else would give us. It was leaps and bounds ahead of any other option that was available. It actually allowed us to build this marketing department up and use the skills we were being taught."

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Launch your new career today with expert support every step of the way

Step 1: Find a role

Search through our advertised positions and send in your application.

Step 2: Speak with our team

Our recruitment team will be in touch for a friendly chat to find out more about you, your ambitions and values so we can help you find an employer that’s a great fit for you. Once you’re matched, your application will be evaluated and you may be invited to attend an assessment day. You can find out more about our recruitment process here.

Step 3: Start your apprenticeship

Progress through our 17-month programme with the full support of the Working Knowledge team every step of the way. You’ll have a dedicated marketing coach guiding you in your new marketing role and marketing experts delivering practical training you can get going on right away.

Our apprentices have a 96% pass rate through end-point assessment

60% of our apprentices achieve a Distinction grade 

92% of graduates stay in a marketing role

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive robust, multi-faceted support throughout your apprenticeship journey. This includes regular coaching sessions with a marketing professional, access to a wellbeing mentor, peer support through Mighty Networks, monthly live 'surgery' sessions for feedback on assignments, and weekly expert marketing webinars.

Would you really be happy to settle for a job that's just okay?

Of course not. 

Not when you could have an amazing, rewarding career in marketing, with on-the-job training from industry leaders.

Don’t risk looking back later in life and wishing you'd taken the leap. Go ahead and apply now. Your future in marketing is just around the corner.