Finally, a sustainable way to

finally, a sustainable way to embed storyBrand into your marketing

Hire a StoryBrand-savvy digital marketing apprentice to embed
this transformative messaging framework across your marketing

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Build in-house StoryBrand expertise

Government Funding Available in England

Your apprentice trained by Certified StoryBrand Guides

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Love StoryBrand but struggling to implement it?

The merits of StoryBrand are plain to see but when you’re stuck in the day-to-day of running a business or marketing department it can be difficult to carve out extra time to embed this ground-breaking framework across every aspect of your marketing.

Hiring a StoryBrand Guide is great for specialist areas but you need extra boots on the ground and expert guidance to roll this out.

What if you could take advantage of both – and get Government funding to cover £10,450 towards training costs? That’s where we can help.

Download 7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Marketing Apprentice

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Revolutionary digital marketing training delivered by StoryBrand Guides and expert marketing consultants

At Working Knowledge, we offer the only Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in the UK that has embedded the StoryBrand marketing framework in the curriculum. So you get StoryBrand Certified Guides and Business Made Simple Coaches to support your apprentice with high-quality training in StoryBrand messaging techniques. Our proven process equips your apprentice to help you implement StoryBrand.

So you’ll have a full-time in-house talented digital marketer trained and supported to put this globally acclaimed marketing framework to work in your business.

A unique apprenticeship programme designed
to set your business up for success

Our extensive programme has been developed by practising marketing consultants based on the essential skills and processes needed to consistently deliver competent marketing in a rapidly evolving digital world. It’s this forward-thinking mindset that makes our programme one-of-a-kind. That, and our comprehensive wraparound coaching and support for the apprentice and their manager. See what makes our apprenticeship stand out:

What is StoryBrand?

StoryBrand is a proven, sought-after marketing framework that teaches businesses and charities how to connect with customers, drive engagement and boost conversion rates through the power of storytelling.

You can read more here.

Rabiya aurfan

Typically, Working Knowledge apprentices are aged 23 and more than 40% are educated to degree level.

StoryBrand-trained apprentices are a cost-effective solution for a sustainable long-term digital marketing operation that consistently delivers more of the right customers.

What business owners love about Working Knowledge
digital marketing apprenticeships

We headhunt exceptional candidates

We headhunt your entry-level talent on a no-hire, no-fee basis. We find the most ambitious and skilled candidates, so you can hire the right apprentice first time. Our comprehensive assessment process guarantees you only have candidates of the highest calibre to choose from. Attend one of our facilitated half-day events designed to help you choose an apprentice that best fits your company culture.

Our training is delivered by StoryBrand guides

You and your apprentice will be fully supported by our team of expert marketing coaches and in-house StoryBrand guides. They are all practising marketing consultants who will guide you and your apprentice throughout the 17-month programme, offering practical, real-world advice and supervision so you can put marketing strategies in play that actually work – setting your business up for success.

Our world-class programme qualifies for government funding

Not only do we provide an Ofsted-approved apprenticeship scheme, we also offer continual support throughout the programme, above and beyond that of other providers. Unlike other marketing CPD training programmes, our course qualifies for government apprenticeship funding of £10,450 which will cover the majority of your training costs. There are also national insurance and salary incentives that make hiring an apprentice a highly cost-effective option for your business.


StoryBrand focuses your marketing on your target market rather than talking about yourself. As soon as people land on our website they should know exactly what we do, how we help them and how they can achieve their aim. The site we created was as clear and to the point as possible, we wanted to make sure that we're not missing out on any leads. - Nash Mwangi, Assure UK


Explore our extensive digital marketing curriculum and expert support package for you and your apprentice.

Find out what makes our programme the gold standard of apprenticeship training and how the 2023 & 2022 winners of the BCS National Digital Marketing Apprentice Of The Year came through the unique Working Knowledge programme.

Trusted by Businesses Across The UK

Recruit your apprentice with confidence


Step 1: Schedule Your Call

Discover how our unique approach makes hiring and supporting the right high-achieving apprentice for your business easy.


Step 2: Recruit Your Dream Hire

Trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our talent hunters will advertise, screen and assess your candidates, and then present the top 3-4 to you in a facilitated half-day assessment centre. The process is super-efficient with your time while giving you the peace of mind you’ll have the highest calibre candidates put forward to find the best cultural fit.


Step 3: Boost Your Business Growth with StoryBrand

Watch your apprentice thrive and your business flourish as you finally embed the StoryBrand approach throughout your marketing with expert support every step of the way.

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7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Apprentice

Hiring a junior marketer can seem like a daunting task, especially when you're unsure of what to look for. That's why we've crafted a comprehensive FREE guide just for you. '7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Apprentice' is your roadmap to navigating the hiring process with ease and confidence. This guide is packed with proven strategies and insider tips to help you pinpoint talent, assess skills, and make an informed decision. Don't gamble with your next hire - download your free guide today and secure the perfect junior marketer for your team.

Download 7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Marketing Apprentice

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Ready to get the extra help you need to StoryBrand your business?

No one wants to feel like their business success is being held back by limited marketing capabilities.

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, you need adaptive fresh talent and StoryBrand know-how within your team to ensure your brand is future-proof.

Book a call with our team today and learn how our ground-breaking digital marketing apprenticeship programme is transforming businesses across England.

Working Knowledge Apprenticeships: Unmatched Training and Support

Rabiya aurfan

Rabiya Aurfan

Digital Marketing Executive
PEP Talks

“After my first Masterclass, I set up Google Analytics, added all the tracking to the website and presented it in the team meeting. I loved it.

You feel like you’re properly adding value. I’ve proven that I’m worth being here.”

Dan Starmer, digital marketing apprentice

Dan Starmer

Marketing Manager

"The biggest difference StoryBrand made was understanding that we shouldn't be at the forefront of our marketing. By putting the customer at the forefront we have grown massively, especially with SEO and social media interaction."

Will Davy, digital marketing apprentice

William Davy

Content Creator & Digital Marketer,
In & Beyond Bath

“You’re dealing with trainers and coaches who are in the industry itself, so you feel confident that the information you’re getting is good. It motivates me to do as much as I can because the feedback I get is so helpful."

Can an apprentice really be a cost-effective solution to StoryBranding your business?

It’s natural to have concerns – after all, hiring a new member of the team is a big commitment. Below are some of the common reservations business owners have and what Working Knowledge does to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible for you.

We make light work of your recruitment, hand-selecting candidates from our exceptional talent pool and fully assessing them for suitability before you get to meet them. You can find out more about our recruitment service here.

Download 7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Marketing Apprentice