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Does the thought of waiting months for a decent application, having the hassle of arranging interviews, and worrying about making the wrong hire fill you with dread? It’s enough to overwhelm many business owners and marketing managers. At Working Knowledge, we know how to recruit award-winning apprentices and have devised an efficient, reliable, and risk-free recruitment process to secure top talent without causing you a headache.

Download 7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Marketing Apprentice


Typically, Working Knowledge apprentices are aged 23 and more than 40% are educated to degree level.

‘We would never have found our dream apprentice without Working Knowledge’

Hear what business owners have to say about the ground-breaking marketing apprenticeship recruitment service from Working Knowledge.

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Comprehensive and Hassle-Free Marketing
Apprenticeship Recruitment Service

We know how busy you are juggling your day-to-day tasks without getting bogged down by recruitment admin. That’s why we make hiring your dream marketing apprentice easy for you. Our expert talent hunters deliver a one-stop service that takes care of the entire hiring process for you from start to finish. You just need to show up on assessment day.


Our team handle all your applications, identifying the most promising candidates through initial vetting and telephone interviews.


Candidates will carry out evaluation tasks tailored to your requirements, then we’ll facilitate a thorough assessment day for your shortlisted contenders.


We actively call potential candidates like head hunters do even though this is an entry-level position.  We don’t leave finding the best candidates to chance!



You can leave all candidate correspondence and admin to us.


We know how to make your apprenticeship opportunity shine to reach the very best candidates out there


Our fee is only applied upon successful appointment of your candidate.

Please note: ALL Working Knowledge apprentices are recruited using this proven process (unless you are upskilling an existing member of your team). This ensures we attract outstanding, award-winning candidates for your business. This element of our service carries a one-off fee of 15% of starting salary (normally £2400). (Find out more about our fees here.) Should you decide not to hire any of the candidates we put forward, you will not be charged for this service.

Ready to meet some of our apprentices?

Kim Slater

From apprentice to Brand Strategy & Operations Manager

Jono Hutchins

How the apprenticeship quickly led to 10% business growth

Josh Kiunsi

How the StoryBrand approach unlocked the key to confident communication

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The 3-Step Plan to Successful Apprentice Recruitment:

Step 1: Schedule Your Call

Our expert team at Working Knowledge will discuss your unique business needs and understand the qualities and skills you are looking for in your marketing apprentice.

Step 2: We’ll Handle the Recruitment Process:

Sit back, relax, and watch us bring the most suitable candidates to you – no more sifting through dozens of CVs, we’ll find the ones most suited to your business needs.

Step 3: Select Your Ideal Apprentice:

Attend assessment day and meet with your shortlisted candidates. Watch how they respond to different challenges before making your choice, confident in the knowledge both you and your apprentice will have expert support for the duration of the apprenticeship – and beyond.


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Discover what your apprentice will learn

Explore our comprehensive marketing curriculum and expert support package for you and your apprentice. Find out what makes our programme the gold standard of apprenticeship training and how 3 of our apprentices made the top 5 in marketing Apprentice Of The Year 2023.

Working Knowledge

Support for business owners and managers

One of the reasons Working Knowledge apprentices are such high achievers is because of the additional support we provide for managers and business owners too. Find out how we support managers to lead their Marketing , even if they have no prior marketing experience, to maximise positive results for you.

working knowledge 7 steps to hiring

7 Steps To Hiring The
Perfect Marketing Apprentice

Hiring a junior marketer can seem like a daunting task, especially when you're unsure of what to look for. That's why we've crafted a comprehensive FREE guide just for you. '7 Steps To Hiring The Perfect Marketing Apprentice' is your roadmap to navigating the hiring process with ease and confidence. This guide is packed with proven strategies and insider tips to help you pinpoint talent, assess skills, and make an informed decision. Don't gamble with your next hire - download your free guide today and secure the perfect apprentice for your team.


Why Businesses Choose To Partner With Working Knowledge


"One of my fears was that we're a busy small team, and I'm not an expert in marketing - so I was worried about how I'd manage and develop someone, how I'd keep them busy.
But with Working Knowledge, they have a coach and specialist trainers who provide that learning and development support as experts."

Nick Pearce, CEO, Alexander Daniels Global

Jennie leighton

"We didn’t have time to go through the rigamarole of recruiting a junior marketer.
Thankfully, Working Knowledge took care of the whole process – at the facilitated assessment day and we were blown away by the calibre of the candidates we had to interview.”

Jennie Leighton, Marketing Manager, STORY22


"We were looking for somebody that was “startup ready”, which means they have a level of resilience.

It's really important for founders and leadership teams to have that type of person join the organisation and Aimee has definitely been able to run with the good times and the more challenging times and deal with it in a calm fashion. That's perfect start-up material."

Seamus Whittingham, Chief Revenue Officer, Ai Build

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