Should I hire a marketing executive? 

When you’re looking to give your marketing a boost, bringing in a marketing executive with experience is often the go-to solution. 

A few years of industry experience may be attractive when you’re recruiting, but how do they compare to a marketing apprentice, who you can mould into your ideal employee?  

Let’s take a look…. 

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Is there a substitute for experience? 

Marketing executives typically bring a few years of industry experience and a deeper understanding of marketing tactics. They have some expertise and should be able to hit the ground running, quickly implementing marketing tactics and driving results. 

If you’re lucky, they may possess the strategic acumen to develop comprehensive marketing plans that align with your business objectives.  

But are they right for your business?  

Marketing has many different facets to it, and a ‘marketing executive’ may not be as well-rounded as you might hope. Their previous organisation may have followed outdated practices, which could mean your executive is not up to date with innovations and emerging trends. Depending on where they have worked previously, their role may have been focused on specific areas such as content creation, or digital advertising, so it will be important to articulate your specific needs in your job description. 

Hiring an experienced marketing executive also comes with a more significant financial investment than an apprentice, including salary, benefits and any bonuses you might offer. 

And while they may have experience in some areas of marketing, it will still take them time to get up to speed with your company’s processes, industry and target audience. This can be a steep learning curve that might impact their initial productivity. 

Employing a marketing apprentice does not mean you’re supporting them on your own 

While a marketing apprentice might not have the same levels of experience, this option offers different advantages to an employer. Apprentices often bring a youthful energy and fresh perspectives to the table, offering innovative ideas and a willingness to learn. 

Investing in a marketing apprentice through programmes such as Working Knowledge’s apprenticeship scheme can be a cost-effective solution, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises who may be eligible for government funding. 

And taking on a marketing apprentice gives you the opportunity to tailor the output of each practical assignment to the specific needs of the business, ensuring alignment with your organisational goals. 

OK, apprentices may lack industry experience initially, requiring time and resources for training and skill development. But with Working Knowledge as your partner, that side of things needn’t be a headache. Our apprentices are typically aged 23+ and more than 60% are educated to degree level. 

Our marketing apprenticeship curriculum covers everything a modern marketer needs and quickly brings apprentices up to speed with essential practical skills including: 

  • Identifying the right customers.
  • Speaking to customers so they want to buy from you.
  • Ensuring your website is set up to convert interest to sales. 
  • Putting lead generation tactics and a sales funnel in place to win business more easily. 
  • Building a customer base through social channels. 

How does access to a suite of marketing professionals sound? 

The Working Knowledge apprenticeship programme stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, which covers essential marketing tactics and is delivered by industry experts. 

Employers participating in the programme receive tailored support, including monthly coaching sessions, access to a thriving marketing community and leadership development workshops. 

The programme is part-funded by the UK government apprenticeship scheme, making it an accessible option for businesses seeking to enhance their marketing capabilities. 

Unlike many marketing apprenticeships, our programme is delivered by experienced marketing practitioners who are subject matter experts with their own clients. Training is focused on best practice delivery that is proven to deliver results.  

And the best thing is you’ll get the chance to meet all the trainers on our team so you can be reassured the module assignments are in line with your business goals. 

While bringing in a seasoned professional may well have its advantages, taking on an apprentice with Working Knowledge as your partner opens up a world of possibilities. 

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