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Hire a Marketing Intern: Pros and Cons

When you need more hands but have no budget, bringing in a marketing intern can be a beneficial option. Here’s what you should consider before bringing someone in:


Fresh Perspectives and Enthusiasm

Like marketing executives or apprentices, marketing interns bring fresh ideas, perspectives, and enthusiasm. They often have a thirst for learning and are eager to apply their knowledge to real-world marketing scenarios.

Cost-Saving Solution

Internships are typically unpaid or offer a lower wage compared to hiring an assistant or experienced marketer. This can be advantageous when you have limited or no budget.

Assistance with Routine Tasks

Marketing interns can help with routine tasks such as social media scheduling, content creation, market research, or data analysis. This can free up your time to focus on more strategic marketing activities.

Learning and Training Opportunities

When you hire a marketing intern, you have the opportunity to provide them with valuable hands-on experience in the marketing field. You can offer guidance, mentorship, and training to help them develop their skills and prepare for their future careers.


Limited Experience

Marketing interns typically have limited experience. While students and recent graduates may have theoretical knowledge from their coursework, they may lack practical experience in executing complex marketing strategies.

Time and Training Investment

Hiring a marketing intern requires investing time and effort in training and mentoring them. As a solo marketer, you will need to allocate resources to guide and supervise the intern, which can be a challenge alongside your other responsibilities.

Short-Term Commitment

Internships are usually short-term commitments, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. This means that interns may leave after completing their internship, requiring you to find and train a new intern when additional support is needed.

Need for Clear Expectations

Clear communication and set expectations are crucial when hiring a marketing intern. Without proper guidance and direction, the intern may struggle to meet your objectives and deliver the results you expect.


When considering whether to hire a marketing intern, think about the following factors:

Availability of Supervision and Guidance

Assess your capacity to provide guidance, mentorship, and supervision to the intern. Ensure that you or someone else in the business can dedicate time to their training and support.

Ability to Delegate Tasks

Identify specific projects and tasks that can be delegated to the intern. This will maximise their learning experience and provide tangible results for your marketing efforts.

Alignment with Educational Institutions

Collaborate with local colleges or universities to find suitable marketing interns. Establishing partnerships with educational institutions can help you access a pool of talented individuals who are eager to gain practical experience.

Potential for Long-Term Opportunities

Consider whether there may be the potential to hire the intern as a permanent team member in the future. This can be a win-win situation as the intern gains experience and you secure a team member who is already familiar with your company culture and processes.

Think laterally. If you need help with content creation, consider a videography, design or literature student. If you need help with social media scheduling, maybe a media student. Or if it's market research and data gathering, a business grad.

If they need to add a layer of digital marketing skills after graduation, you can always enrol them in a funded apprenticeship.

By considering these factors and weighing the pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about whether to hire a marketing intern is the right choice to increasing your capacity.

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