Hire a Marketing Apprentice: Pros and Cons

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When expanding your team as a sole marketer, hiring a marketing apprentice can be a valuable option. A marketing apprentice is typically someone who is new to the field but eager to learn and gain practical experience in marketing .  They don’t have no experience however. Many marketing apprentices have skills in a related field…

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Marketing Apprenticeships v Marketing Internships

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Are you a recent graduate looking to break into the competitive world of marketing ? Or perhaps you’re looking to change careers or industry? Either way, a marketing apprenticeship may be the perfect launchpad for your career. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of marketing apprenticeships and why they are a great alternative to…

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A Quick Guide to the Apprenticeship Levy

A QUICK GUIDE TO: THE APPRENTICESHIP LEVY What is the Apprenticeship Levy? The Levy is designed to encourage businesses and charities to upskill current employees and train new recruits, to ensure their workforce has the necessary skills to see the organisation thrive. Fully funded or part-funded training is available through the Apprenticeship Levy for a…

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Kickstart – What’s next after your employee’s placement ends?

The Kickstart Scheme has given over 100,000 young people the chance to prove themselves, and helped businesses fill short-term staffing gaps at a near-zero cost. With the right match, those employees are now integral members of the team – so what happens when the six-month placement ends? High-performing talent will be thinking about this question…

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Kickstart vs Apprenticeship funding

The Kickstart scheme and the £3,000 cash incentive for businesses to take on an Apprentice have both been extended until January 2022, and there are currently calls from both government and industry for this to be extended even further. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented government funding, grants and loans for UK businesses. Here we…

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