Josh Kiunsi, Sales and Marketing Assistant, Williams Renewables


“During the assessment day…rather than focusing on the actual assessment end-goal, they wanted to see what type of character you are”

How did you come to join the Digital Marketing Academy?

I knew that digital marketing was the direction I wanted to take professionally. In a previous job I enjoyed the marketing elements so then I started searching for jobs and applying for apprenticeships online.

I wasn’t really romantic about it. It was just a matter of, ‘Can I find the right company that will cover all the needs I have, especially to understand digital marketing as a whole, rather than just getting a segment of it?’ Whether that’s just email marketing or Google Analytics by itself, I wanted to get the full broader picture rather than just one element. So when I saw Working Knowledge I felt like they would be able to help me and provide me with that.

How did you find the recruitment process?

One of the main things that enticed me was Jo’s approach. She seemed like just a normal human being. They weren’t trying to make me do all of these exams beforehand, just to see if I qualify.

During the assessment day, there wasn’t as much pressure as I thought there would be. It felt more “Let’s get to know you” rather than focusing on the actual assessment end-goal. They wanted to see what type of character you are. How you navigate yourself through it. There were one or two things I genuinely thought I messed up, and I did mess it up because of the way I was communicating. I messed it up but somehow managed to get through that obstacle because clearly my attitude was more of a driving factor for them than the actual assessment in deciding on me being the apprentice.

So if I was to give advice to anyone it is just ‘be you’, showing your true character rather than being too formal – it really does truly help. And of course, just do your best when it comes to the actual assessments.

What was it like starting at Williams Renewables? Was it a steep learning curve given they operate in the renewable energy sector?

I was coming into an industry I was completely alien to, I’ve never done anything in terms of working in B2B. It’s very professional in the way they speak, in the way they communicate in general – it feels like you’re in a LinkedIn environment constantly! You have to present yourself in a way that is so professional, knowledgeable and it can be a little bit intimidating.

I can only speak for myself. My character is such a curious person so when I approached this particular role, even though I wasn’t familiar with it, I allowed myself the space to make mistakes.

I’d say four months in, that’s where I kind of saw myself build a little bit more confidence around the subject matter and in general, and just being able to communicate with clients and even my colleagues.

Now I’m confident that I know what I’m talking about. I’m able to communicate well with professionals who have been in the industry for so long and give them different points of view.

And that kind of gives me a level of power and fulfills me more than anything.

How did you find learning in a group?

I remember being in the first masterclass and thinking ‘These are people who have the same mindset that I do’. And there was something in that which felt very connected, a community. I just knew I would grow and develop from that point onwards.

It’s also really useful. After the masterclass we would produce a piece of work, sharing it and getting feedback, tips and tricks. We all came from different businesses, but it all ties in really well.

How did you find the Storybrand approach to marketing?

Storybrand is great. It’s just unlocked so many questions that I had when it came to marketing in general. Being able to tell a story to someone who doesn’t know who you are, what you do and position yourself as the guide, there was a level of fulfillment in that for me.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining the Digital Marketing Academy?
Do it. Honestly.

Do you think you’ll stay in digital marketing?

Hell yes! I made that decision a long time ago. I’ve actually started my own side business because of this so I’m also applying what I’ve learned to my own business, which has honestly changed it.

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