Kirstie, Client Event Co-ordinator, Expression For Growth


the course has given me the confidence and knowledge to help take our company to the next level

I work for a company called Expression For Growth. We are a training provider that specialises in commercial skills such as selling, thinking and negotiating, and also have expertise in leadership, teams and presenting skills. I’ve worked here for nearly two years now as an event coordinator and I really enjoy it!

Before I started this apprenticeship, Expression for Growth didn’t have a dedicated marketing team which resulted in unsustainable yo-yo marketing and meant we simply didn’t achieve the business growth we deserved.

My colleague and I were approached by my line manager to take part [in the Academy]. We didn’t have any direct experience but we were really up for the challenge!

Just three months into the training and I already feel like I know so much. There are some really thought-provoking exercises that have generated so many ideas and now we’re at the stage where we can start implementing them.

The experience has also transformed how we work internally. Off the back of joining the programme, we set up our Our Expression For Growth Book Club to share insight and ideas. The entire business has been invited to join  — it just feels great to have your whole team with you on the journey.  That’s also when I knew we could solve our marketing problems because we had everybody on board.

This apprenticeship has really opened our company’s eyes to a new way of working. We’ve got a really big company goal of increasing our profits from 10% to 20% by 2030 and now we are on the programme, I feel that we’re totally on track!

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