Working Knowledge appoints Julie Firth to Digital Marketing Academy

Working Knowledge Appoints Julie Firth To Digital Marketing Academy

We are delighted to announce the appointment of digital marketing consultant Julie Firth as a specialist trainer within our Digital Marketing Academy. Julie will be working directly with our apprentices to build lead magnet and email marketing campaigns.  

As co-owner of marketing agency STORY22, Julie helps businesses save time and money by creating a clear, customer-focused brand story. Her expertise will be invaluable in assisting our apprentices to effectively communicate with their audiences to deliver results for their organisations.

Julie honed her skills as a national and regional journalist, and marketing and communications professional, specialising in strategic marketing, brand messaging and copywriting coaching. Since becoming a StoryBrand Guide in 2020 she has coached hundreds of business owners on their copywriting and marketing.

“We first started talking to Julie because she is one of the leading StoryBrand guide in the UK,” says James Lott, MD Working Knowledge. “She has a lot of experience in the application of StoryBrand, and she is a brilliant copywriter. She has 20+ years of experience in copywriting and it is terrific to be able to bring those skills into our team!

“Julie is one of our consultant associates who knows her area really well and has gotten to a point in her career where she would like to start bringing on the next generation. There are plenty of training providers delivering programmes that have professional trainers who are not experts in the field they teach. Julie is an expert, which is fantastic!”

Julie adds: “I’m delighted to be joining the Working Knowledge team – training has been a long-held personal ambition and I’m grateful for this exciting opportunity. To work with an academy that not only believes but aligns its learning with the same StoryBrand principles that our own agency is established on, is a welcome bonus.”

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