Hire a Marketing Intern: Pros and Cons

Two young creative professionals discuss something while looking at an iPad

When you need more hands but have no budget, bringing in a marketing intern can be a beneficial option. Here’s what you should consider before bringing someone in: Pros Fresh Perspectives and Enthusiasm Like marketing executives or apprentices, marketing interns bring fresh ideas, perspectives, and enthusiasm. They often have a thirst for learning and are eager…

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Hire a Marketing Executive: Pros and Cons

Two young female creative professionals discuss and idea. They are dressed casually and wearing glasses

A popular option to consider when expanding your marketing team is to hire a marketing executive. A marketing executive may have some experience in the field, but is still early in their career. Good marketing executives are in high demand and can command upwards of £25,000 as a starting salary. Here’s what you should consider:…

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Hire a Marketing Freelancer: Pros and Cons

Hire a marketing freelancer

When expanding your team, hiring a marketing freelancer can be a flexible and convenient option. A marketing freelancer is a self-employed professional who offers their services on a project basis.  This can mean hourly rates of £50-£200 depending on experience and the nature of the work, or for more seasoned freelancers, expect a day rate…

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Hire a Marketing Apprentice: Pros and Cons

Photo of a young creative professional woman outside wearing a lanyard

When expanding your team as a sole marketer, hiring a marketing apprentice can be a valuable option. A marketing apprentice is typically someone who is new to the field but eager to learn and gain practical experience in marketing .  They don’t have no experience however. Many marketing apprentices have skills in a related field…

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Marketing Apprenticeships v Marketing Internships

Woman in an office smiling broadly at camera in a casual pose wearing a white t-shirt with black spots

Are you a recent graduate looking to break into the competitive world of marketing ? Or perhaps you’re looking to change careers or industry? Either way, a marketing apprenticeship may be the perfect launchpad for your career. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of marketing apprenticeships and why they are a great alternative to…

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Why Hire a marketing Apprentice?

A group of young digital professionals are sitting around a conference table discussing ideas

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. But with everyone competing for the same talent, how can smaller businesses keep up? This is where hiring a marketing apprentice can make a big difference. What is a marketing Apprentice? A marketing apprentice is a professional of any age…

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Barbara Bahns joins Working Knowledge as a Marketing Coach

Working Knowledge is delighted to announce the appointment of Barbara Bahns as a marketing coach within the marketing Academy beginning in April 2023. Barbara will help develop the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours of marketing apprentices through regular 1:1 coaching as well as ensuring application of their learning is aligned with business goals. Barbara brings…

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Sonya Whittam joins

Sonya Whittam joins marketing Academy Working Knowledge is delighted to announce the appointment of Sonya Whittam as SEO Trainer within the marketing Academy beginning in March 2023. Sonya is the co-owner of STORY22, a full-service marketing agency that helps businesses increase growth and profits through marketing , following the renowned StoryBrand framework. Search Engine Optimisation…

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Working Knowledge Appoints Cherelle Lewis

  The Working Knowledge Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Cherelle Lewis as Recruitment Associate. Cherelle brings over 5 years experience in HR and recruitment across various industries including public relations, healthcare, education and e-commerce. She also runs her own HR consultancy business, El-Shaddai Consultancy based in Walsall, where clients include Liberty Music…

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Fiona Frise joins the marketing Academy

Working Knowledge is delighted to appoint Fiona Frise as a marketing coach within the marketing Academy. Fiona will help develop our marketing apprentices through 1:1 coaching using her 25+ years experience in marketing at organisations of all sizes and sectors including financial services, FMCG, automotive, tourism, engineering and logistics. Fiona began her career at agency…

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